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History of the Center

Environmental degradation does not stop at national frontiers. It can only be properly understood and controlled by means of the international action. The Research Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Cooperation (INENCO) has a record of promoting effective joint scientific and business projects on environmental issues. INENCO is a non-profit, non-government research and consulting organization that was founded by Russian Academy of Sciences in 1989. It offers its services in the following areas:

  • Organization and implementation of international assessments of environmental quality and of the potential impact of new projects and technological developments
  • Research in the field of environmental systems modeling and forecasting
  • Development and improvement of environmentally safe technologies
  • Investigations in the field of environmentally-sound exploitation of non-renewable natural resources
  • Organization of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and symposia
  • Organization of educational programs, internships and academic exchanges
  • Organization of joint research projects between Russia and other countries.

INENCO is conducting a series of research projects within the framework of the problems associated with water, air and soil pollution.

Since 1989 up to 1992 INENCO organized three international workshops on the problems of Global Ecology.

In 1997 the International Conference " Environmental Indices: Systems Analysis Approach" was organized by Center INENCO. The International Conferences on Environmental Indices will be organized biannually.
We have undertaken research into air pollution for the St.Petersburg authorities. The Center has given guidance and scientific support to a range of companies across the country on matters relating to environmental protection.

The INENCO team includes experts in a wide range of scientific disciplines, as well as in economics and public relations. INENCO advises and assists both local and foreign organizations with advertising, trade, engineering and technical maintenance. It also assists to establish joint ventures.
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Since 1992 up to 1995 INENCO has been positioned as the Project Manager for five environmental programs of the Russian Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Since 1993 INENCO was delegated as an affiliated organization of the Russian branch of Green Cross International.

Since 1995 up to present time INENCO is recruited as the Principal Contractor for three environmental programs of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In 1997 INENCO signed "Memorandum of Agreement" with St. Petersburg branch of Bureau VERITAS with the aim of cooperation in the field of Quality Management System development.

In 1997 INENCO signed Agreement with German firm "Management Partner fur Industrie AG" which started cooperation in investment issues.

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Main Areas of Investigation

In accordance with the given above aims, the main areas of scientific activity are as follows:
  • Basical investigations in the field of environmental quality evaluation and the level of ecological risk resulted from man-induced pollutants including radioactive and toxic;
  • Application of systems analysis to investigations in the field of sustainable development;
  • Investigations in the field of mathematical and computer software development for the purposes of environmental protection;
  • Development of the system of environmental and sustainable development indices at the local, national and international levels;
  • Organization and providing of the ecological forecasting and the expertise of scientific and technical projects;
  • Development and supporting of new technologies and technological systems, resulting in the ecological safety of the industrial, agricultural and other manufactures. Consultancy on environmental laws, regulations and licensing process;
  • Investigations of the problems of transboundary pollution of ecological toxic pollutants and intercalibration of the methods of their evaluation in the environmental media
  • Organization and conducting research in the field of ecological medicine;
  • Collection and evaluation of the information on the state of the environment and population health, development of the data-bases and knowledge- bases on the relevant problems.

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