Jobs You Can Get With A Real Estate License

Getting a real estate license for most is the final step in the journey to begin selling homes. A career as a realtor can be great for individuals who want to set their own schedule and make potential limitless income. However, there are many other lucrative professions a person can pursue once they have taken their psi exam in Nevada and successfully obtained their real estate license.

Property Management

Once you complete the necessary training and testing to obtain your real estate license, you can move into a career as a property manager. Property managers are responsible for various tasks, including coordinating maintenance needs, leasing available units, handyman work, or collecting rent.

Considering the average salary of a property manager can be as high as six figures a year, it’s easy to see why this career choice can be a popular one for newly licensed realtors.


Individuals who prefer to work behind the scenes in real estate can find high-paying jobs related to residential and commercial real estate financing.

Financing agents are responsible for verifying vital information required to approve or deny a home or property loan. This career path is ideal for those who already have experience working in the finance sector but are looking to branch out of traditional money-making industries.


Every home needs to be inspected before it can be purchased or sold. Licensed realtors can enroll in additional training to become building inspectors.

This role is perfect for those with close attention to detail and a desire to maintain safe living conditions for any tenant.

Freelance home inspectors can charge as much as 500 dollars per inspection. However, that amount can increase depending on the size of the property and the level of assessment needed.